Pendrel-weak and pregnant

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Pendrel-weak and pregnant Empty Pendrel-weak and pregnant

Post  EquistrianPro on Sun Oct 25, 2009 2:28 am

I trudged slowly through the deep snow that rose up to my knees. Every now and again I tripped, and heaved myself back up, wincing every time my 11 month old foal kicked inside of me. As the snow became shallower, I bacame weaker. Soon I collapsed in the hard ice. I grunted and fell onto my side, breathing heavily, I felt my foal suddenly stop kicking and Thats when i knew it was dead. In pan and sorrow I whinnied and neighed as much as i could, before laying my head on a cold rock. I squeaked my last."Help." and closed my eyes. My past had been horrible, and now so was my present and most likely my future.
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