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Rules of Equustrian Empty Rules of Equustrian

Post  Admin on Sun Sep 06, 2009 7:26 am

Here are the rules please read them it'll only take a minute and that's if your slow.

1.No cussing or spamming
2.No power playing (playing another persons character without permission.)
3.Mating has to be Pg-14 or less (you never no whose on this forum and I don't want to sicken little childrens minds)
4.No God modding (When your fighting you never let the person have a chance to block your moves or even post. Basically you make yourself win unfairly.)
5.When your mare is pregnant let me know and I will give you the picture and description of the foal including the day it'll be born.
6.Also mating and birth can happen anywhere
7.Have fun and enjoy yourself!

More rules are coming soon but till then be a nice considerate person and think before you type. Very Happy


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